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Listening Practice

Listening Practice



1. a. The television is next to the computer
b. The mouse is under the table
c. The speaker is in front of the monitor
d. The monitor is beside the computer

2. a. The man is using a screwdriver to fix the machine
b. The man is showing his screw to the driver
c. The screwdriver is being used to turn on the computer
d. The worker is driving nails using a screwdriver

3. a. The customer is showing how to cut hair.
b. The man is having his hair cut.
c. The woman is having the hairdresser cut her hair.
d. The man is blowing the woman’s hair.

4. a. The people are looking at the picture on the wall.
b. The leader is pointing at the people
c. The group is discussing something
d. One of the men is raising his hand

5. a. The parking attendant is giving a sign at the car parked.
b. The security guard is standing in the repair shop.
c. The cars are parked in the garage.
d. The cars are waiting for passengers at the station.


6. “Hi, how are you doing?”
a. I’m doing my homework.
b. Very well, thank you.
c. By bus.

7. “Can you show me where the post office is?”
a. Yes, I can go to the post office.
b. It’s at the corner of the street.
c. The postman comes at nine.

8. “Good afternoon! Surya Jaya service station, can I help you?”
a. We offer special service.
b. Yes, the gas station is far from here.
c. I’d like to have my car engine checked.

9. “I’ll take this. Do you accept a credit card?”
a. The guarantee card is in the box.
b. Sorry, we don’t give credit card.
c. Certainly, you just need to sign.

10. “Good bye, see you soon.”
a. Don’t mention it.
b. My pleasure.
c. See you later.

11. “Could I have your driving license, please?”
a. Certainly, here you are.
b. I’m driving my wagon.
c. I always listen to you.

12. “I’m going to the super market. Do you need anything?”
a. A kilo of sugar, please?
b. That’ll be lovely.
c. Don’t mention it.

13. “Working with a computer for a long time makes me sick.”
a. You should take a rest, then.
b. People are crazy about computers.
c. Why don’t you take another one?

14. “I’d like to confirm my flight to Jakarta.”
a. I’m afraid there are no more seats left.
b. Certainly. Can you show your flight number?
c. I’m sorry, there’s no flight to Jakarta tomorrow.

15. “We’re so sorry that we couldn’t meet you at the airport.”
a. Please, don’t bother me.
b. It is OK, I call the taxi.
c. The meeting is at the airport.


16. Woman : Hi, Andrew it’s been a long time since I saw you.
Man : Hi, Diane. Yes, it’s been a long time since I saw you.
How are you?
Woman : I’m very well, thank you. Oh, this is my colleague Roseanne.
She is a secretary to our director Mr. John Brine. Man : Hi, Roseanne. Pleased to meet you.

17. Woman : Are you free this weekend?
Man : I have something to do at home. I have to finish painting the
fence on Friday and Saturday. Why?
Woman : Would you like to join me to watch the movie in Jakarta Theatre?
Man : All right. I’ll finish the work by midday on Saturday.
I’ll pick you up at 4 p.m.

18. Woman : I was afraid and cried out asking for help when the fire was getting
Man : Did anyone come to help you?
Woman : Yes, many people came. When they saw fire they ran out and came
back with buckets of water and sacks of sand.
They hope to extinguish fire.

19. Woman : Good morning, sir. How can I help you?
Man : I need a forty seat bus for Saturday, please?
Woman : Is it for the whole day?
Man : No, just for six hours.

20. Man : Joanne, you are not going to University. Why?
Woman : Well, I need to get work experience, first and to get some money as


Questions 21 and 22 refer to the following announcement.

“Attention please, Continental Executive bus will be leaving for Bukit Tinggi through Pekan Baru at 14. 20. Would passengers now board the bus?”

Questions 23 through 25 refer to the following advertisement.

“Beta Super Market New Year Sale. We offer special prices for the following items only for a week. You can get one kilo gram of sugar, regular price Rp. 4,800. for only Rp. 4,000. Ten kilo grams rice, regular price Rp. 60,000. for only Rp. 45,500. Don’t miss it.”
Questions 26 and 27 refer to the following instruction.

“Thank you for visiting our show room. Here, we’re going to show you a new product, a fantastic vacuum cleaner and how it works. First, fix the hose. Plug the cord into the socket. Then, start the vacuum cleaner by pushing the on button. No sweeping, no wasting time.”

Questions 28 through 30 refer to the following announcement.

“Good morning, before we start working today, I’d like to remind you of this. As a supervisor woman of this project, make sure that everything is in place. First, about the working hours, work starts at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Workers should remain in the area during that period. Punctuality is obligatory. Second, you have to take good care of all the tools you have used. Don’t forget to put them away when you have finished. That’s all I want to say this morning. Happy working!”



1. a. The television set is in front of the bed.
b. The curtains are outside the room.
c. Many chairs are beside the TV set.
d. The blanket is on the chair beside the table.

2. a. They are dancing on the football field.
b. The referee is dancing to catch the ball.
c. Two players are trying to get the ball.
d. The ball is being touched by the player’s hand.

3. a. They are having their lunch in the dining room.
b. Many people are having party in the restaurant.
c. One of the men is telling the guest how to drink.
d. We can enjoy a bar ID of delicious drinks in the lounge bar.

4. a. The novelist is reading her novel on the stage.
b. The musician is playing the violin.
c. The reporter is questioning the audience.
d. The singer’s voice is being recorded.

5. a. There are more than ten wristwatches to be sold.
b. The nail polishers are not to be distributed.
c. A small bag is used to put all the things in.
d. We can only see one pair of glasses on the display table.


6. “I don’t think you’ve met him before. Lisa, this is Mr. Edward.”
a. Thank you very much.
b. What a coincidence.
c. I’m happy to meet you.

7. “Could you put me through to 707 to Mr. Nelson?”
a. Yes, sure Mr. Nelson.
b. Certainly, may I help you?
c. Who is speaking, please?

8. “Could you show me the way to the post office, please?
a. Sure, it’s just two blocks from here on the left.
b. Yes, the show is next to the post office.
c. I want to buy some stamps and envelopes.
9. “Would you like me to bring you a VCD tonight?”
a. Give me a ring tonight.
b. That would be lovely.
c. No, I don’t like to go to the sea.

10. “John looks so pale and has a fever.”
a. I put the pills somewhere.
b. He should see a doctor.
c. He is good looking.

11. “I have finished typing all the letters, sir. Please, find them on your desk.”
a. I’m very grateful for your help.
b. Yes, my desk is full of letters.
c. No, I don’t like writing letters.

12. “Look at the couple in the wedding. What do you think of the wife?”
a. I think he loves his wife.
b. There’re many wonderful things.
c. What a beautiful bride.

13. “What do you think of inviting Inul Daratista to our graduation celebration?
a. Inul is a very popular singer.
b. I do not totally agree.
c. What a wonderful party.

14. “Can I see you tomorrow night?”
a. Sunday morning would be good.
b. My father likes to see the movies.
c. I felt sad last night.

15. “I’m Jane Wesley. I would like to meet the director, is she in?”
a. Jane Wesley is in her office.
b. Have you made an appointment?
c. Let me see the director.


16. Man : Hello, can I speak to Mr. Allan, please?
Woman : I’m afraid he isn’t here at the moment. Can I take a message?
Man : Could you ask him to call Harry from multi media tomorrow

17 Woman : I would like to run two tickets to Menado, please?
Man : Yes, there is Lion Air at 11.30 a.m. tomorrow and Batavia Air at
2.30 p.m. the day after tomorrow.
Woman : Ok, I’ll take Lion Air.
18. Man : How does it feel if I press here?
Woman : Oh, that hurts.
Man : I see. You have an appendix. We’ll have an operation

19. Woman : James, I need one hundred more bed shield and pillow cashes of
any color. Can you deliver them this week?
Man : Sure but the price is increasing about 10%.
Will you still make an order?
Woman : If that so, I have to tell this to my boss.
I’ll give you a call after lunch.

20. Woman : John, are you sure we are going to open a new branch?
Man : Yes, that’s the board’s decision but I’m not sure it’ll be a success.
Woman : It’s going to be hard work, then.


Questions 21 and 22 refer to the following announcement.

“Hinduism first came to Indonesia in 6th century A.D. and Buddhism at the end of 7th century. In 8th century, there were established two main rival dynasties. One in the North of Central Java, the Sanjaya Dynasty, was Hindu. The other, Buddhist dynasty based in the Southern Part of Central Java was the Syailendra. It was this Dynasty that was based around Yogyakarta and built the largest Buddhist temple in existence, Borobudur. These two dynasties were in conflict. I, however, knew that Prambanan was a Hindu Temple and is near Yogyakarta, in the South.”

Questions 23 and 24 refer to the following instruction.

“Here are some simple solution to problem which may affect the picture and the sound of your Sonny Trinitron Color Television. If there is no picture, plug the cable in. Press the power button on the front of the TV. Check the aerial connection and check that the selective video source is on. If there is no sound, press the + volume button on the remote control, don’t press the – sign to increase the sound.”

Questions 25 to 27 refer to the following advertisement.

“A retailer and export-import trading company for metal and steel raw material needs a skill communicative self-motivated individual for the position of secretary to the export-import sales manager. Good command of English, the person must have preferably with mastering writing skill, secretarial education, computer literate, creative, living in West Jakarta. Send your application and telephone number to PT Sakya Jaya, Complex Tomang Toll, Block A, Number 8, Level 2, Kedoya, Jakarta 11520.”

Questions 28 to 30 refer to the following text.

“When it was opened in 1962, as the first International Hotel, built to International Standard, Hotel Indonesia was the pride of Indonesia. It was the very first of this titled luxury hotel seen by Indonesian. Today, it may have lost most of the glamour. Located in the midst of new more luxurious and modern hotels, it is taking a step down in its appearance and service. Anyway, it still stands up as the monument to the past.”



1. a. The electric organ is in front of the television.
b. The water dispenser is between the television and the electric organ.
c. There are some photographs on the table.
d. No one is watching TV in the room because it is off.

2. a. All chairs in the classroom are occupied by the students.
b. Not all students can have a seat in the classroom.
c. The teacher is speaking in front of the students with a microphone.
d. Several students are making a presentation.

3. a. The two men are eating fish.
b. The children are swimming in the sea.
c. The two people are sitting on the river bank.
d. A man is fishing in the river.

4. a. There is a traffic jam on the street.
b. There will be a car race on the street.
c. The road work is not completed yet.
d. An accident happened on the road.

5. a. The person is using a shovel to dig the ground.
b. The person is using a rake to plant a tree.
c. The person is using a hoe to mix the aggregate.
d. The person is using a spade to build their house.


6. “Hello, Martha. How’s everything?”
a. Yes, it is.
b. Cheerio.
c. Not so bad.

7. “Mr. Yusuf is out at the moment. Can I help you?”
a. Can you help me, please?
b. What can I do for you?
c. Can I leave a message, then?

8. “I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience.”
a. Of course, I’m very convenience.
b. It’s OK, sometimes this thing happens.
c. When it’ll be convenience for you.

9. “Sorry to bother you, I’m looking for the nearest internet café.”
a. Just go down this street and it’s on the right.”
b. Well, I often go to the internet café too.
c. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll find it soon.

10. ”Oh, I have a terrible toothache.”
a. You’d better take this pill and go and see a dentist.
b. You’re right. The weather is terribly cold.
c. I don’t think I have a headache.

11. “Do you prefer working for a domestic or foreign company?”
a. Yes, I prefer working at home.
b. Working for a foreign company is better, I think.
c. I have worked for both domestic and foreign companies.

12. “Shall we go for a picnic before the final semester test?”
a. I agree. I don’t like final semester test.
b. I don’t think it’s a good idea. We should study harder now.
c. It’s great. Going for a picnic help us release tension after the test.

13. “I’m sorry to say this but I’m not satisfied with your service.”
a. The service in our company is always satisfying.
b. I can assure you that we are happy to accept every complaint.
c. I’m not satisfied with the way you complained to us.


14. Woman : Parahiyangan Travel Agency, can I help you?
Man : Yes, please. I’ve booked a seat on the executive bus to Lampung leaving at 8 p.m. tomorrow. I want to confirm that I’ll take it and I want to know what time I should be there to report.
My name’s Gill.
Woman : Thanks. Please come and report to us an hour before departure.
Is there anything else?

15. Man : I’d like to speak to Mr. Zakaria, please.
Woman : He’s out at the moment, I’m afraid. Anything I can do for you, sir?
Man : Well, please inform him that his order is ready.
We need to know about the method and time of delivery.
We are from ABC Printing House. Thank you.
16. Woman : May I have the schedule of lectures for employees?
Man : Sure. They study in rooms 401 and 402 on the fourth floor on Fridays and Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Woman : Thank you for the information.

17. Woman : I’ve been working with the company since 1990.
Man : That’s quite long. Have you thought about quitting?
Woman : No, I enjoy my job here.

18. Man : I was in Bandung from 1981 to 1990 and then I moved to Semarang and lived there for 15 years before I came here.
Woman : Why did you move to this town?
Man : I got a better business opportunity.

19. Woman : I want to invite you to come to my house this evening.
Man : I’ll be glad to. What is it? Your engagement?
Woman : No. I’ve been accepted at Jakarta University.
Do come between 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. There’ll be some other friends from Senior High.

20. Man : I’d like to book a seat for Surabaya, please.
Woman : Single or round trip?
Man : Single, please.


Question 21 and 22 refer to the following text .

“New Year End Sale. Kriyasta Department Store offers good quality products at very low prices, big discount. There is Night Gown from Korea only Rp. 30,000. each, Children T-Shirts range from Rp. 5,000. to Rp 15,000. Men Sport Shoes, start from Rp 25,000. and many more. Satisfaction guarantee, visit us right now. This offer is valid for one week only.”

Questions 23 and 24 refer to the following instruction.

“When you’re installing your computer system, remember to follow the set up direction in the manual. Perform all steps in the order presented in it. Proceed slowly and carefully to make sure that you put each cable into the correct socket. The pins in a plug are aligned with the corresponding holes in the socket and so on. Each cable usually has different kinds of plugs on its two ends, making it almost impossible for you to make a mistake. But to prevent short circuit, do not plug in the power cable or switch on any component until you have double checked every connection.”
Questions 25 and 26 refer to the following text.

“Each country has its own basic unit of money. In Italy for example, the basic unit is the Lira. French uses the Franc, Greece, the Dragma, the Netherlands, the Guilder. Portugal, the Escudo, Spain, the Peseta, and Germany, Deutch Mark. The money in used in a country is called the country’s currency. When the people of this European country want to make a transaction they don’t need to change their currency into dollars. As today these members of the European Community have their common monetary unit called Euro.”

Questions 27 and 28 refer to the following announcement.

“Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, after having a nice rest in a comfortable hotel and delicious breakfast, I do hope all of you are fresh and ready for our next tour. Today, we’re going to explore the famous country side tourism spots. A tea plantation in Pangalengan, Tangkuban Prahu Mountain in Lembang, and Ciater hot spring water in Subang, where we can have spa and massages, we also pay a visit to Mr. Ujo’s tradional bamboo music instrument angklung concert. We will be back to the hotel around six p.m.”

Questions 29 and 30 refer to the following text.

“Thank you for being a new Brita Card holder. Now, using your card you get very special facilities; ATM service, cash deposit and withdrawal in every branch, transfer and information services. We also provide you with discount facilities when you use your card for purchases in a number of outstanding stores bearing Brita logo.”



1. a. The girl is painting flowers.
b. The band is playing a country song.
c. The musician is performing on the stage.
d. The painter is working on her masterpiece.

2. a. The train is running by the river.
b. The ship is sailing on the river.
c. It’s raining heavily on the mountain.
d. The people are gathering around the train.

3. a. The mother is cooking for her son.
b. They are having a picnic in the park.
c. The boy is playing alone in the house.
d. She is carrying the boy on her shoulders.


4. “When will the plane arrive?”
a. Jane will depart at six.
b. At four thirty, according to the schedule.
c. It will take off in twenty minutes.

5. “What size do you wear in shoes?”
a. It’s forty.
b. I need a bigger size.
c. They were here already

6. “How was your trip to Sentani Lake?”
a. Great! I’ll be back again someday.
b. OK, but I prefer to have coffee.
c. Good. I sent the money to him.

7. “Do you know that we are going to have a new manager?”
a. Yes, we manage to arrive on time.
b. Yes, he will introduce himself today.
c. No, we are not going anywhere today.


8. Man : I didn’t see you at the cocktail party. Where were you?
Woman : My car wouldn’t start. How was the party?
Man : Great! Everybody was there.

9. Man : What are we going to do after work?
Woman : We can have dinner at the plaza at 7 if you like.
Man : Sounds good. I’ll pick you up at 6.30. We need half an hour to get there.

10. Man : Do you speak Japanese?
Woman : No. I’m from Thailand. I speak only my native language and English. Miss. Matsura is from Japan.
Man : Thank you. I need Japanese and Korean speakers.

11. Man : Do you still have a seat for the afternoon flight?
Woman : Let me see. Is Qantas OK?
Man : I prefer Garuda if available.


Questions 12 and 13 are based on the following speech.

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Annual Sales Convention of our Multi Level Marketing business. We will be here for three days in a row for two reasons, to fix the foot of our work and to strengthen our spirit. I know that all of you have worked hard during the past year and that’s why you deserve big incentives and extra bonuses. You will soon find out, how generous the company is to those who are willing to make an effort. What’s more important, however, is that we are here to establish a more solid team work.”

Questions 14 to15 are based on the following radio commercial.

“Bored of eating similar food day after day? Do you want to change? Try Steak House Restaurant. Steak House Restaurant is on the third floor of the most famous meeting point in town, the Plaza. Enjoy our salmon steak for only $ 10,45 or our chicken steak for $ 8,90 or you might want to taste our sirloin or tenderloin steak with mashed potato. Hmm marvelous, come with your family and have a big feast at Steak House Restaurant on the third floor of the Plaza.”



1. a. There is a computer monitor on the table.
b. The stereo headphones are on the book shelves.
c. The students are using the Self Access Center.
d. The tape recorder is put beside the whiteboard.

2. a. The girls are practicing the dancing lesson.
b. They are dancing with their guests.
c. They are sitting closed to each other.
d. All of them are wearing traditional dresses.

3. a. The two boys are playing music on the plea market.
b. The woman’s standing in front of the boys.
c. The lady is singing a song on the stage.
d. They are walking around the city park.


4. “What time does this electronics store open?
a. Yes, this store sells electronics.
b. As far as I know, it opens at five p.m.
c. In the evening we turn on the electricity.

5. “I think English is interesting, isn’t it?”
a. Yes, I always attend interesting lessons.
b. No, my teacher doesn’t speak English at all.
c. Yes, I really like it.

6. “Which way is the nearest money changer from here?
a. No, there isn’t any money changer here.
b. There’s one at the end of the street.
c. The most expensive currency s the pound sterling.

7. “Hello, how can I cancel the reservation of two suite rooms for next Friday?”
a. Please, contact the receptionist on extension 12.
b. I regret to tell you about my cancellation.
c. Certainly, the rooms are available for you.


8. Woman : Could you come to my house tomorrow morning?
Man : I’m sorry, I can’t. I’ll have a meeting but I’m free in the afternoon.
Woman : OK. Please come at any time.

9. Man : I’d like to reserve two tickets to Makassar, please.
Woman : When and how do you plan to go?
Man : Garuda Airways, please. It’s for next Saturday.

10. Woman : I couldn’t get a clear picture on the television I bought two days ago.
Man : You should follow the trouble shooting steps in the brochure. You’ll get a clear picture, then.

11. Woman : Do you mind if I use your pen to sign this paper?
Man : Just a moment. I haven’t finished writing my curriculum vitae.


Questions 12 and 13 refer to the following instruction.

“Here are some steps on how to install any additional software from a CD or DVD.
1. Insert the disc into the optical drive.
2. When the installation wizard opens, follow the on screen instruction.
3. Restart the computer if prompted to do so

Questions 14 and 15 refer to the following advertisement.

“Introducing the new Mitsubishi refrigerator MRV 264, this one is very accommodating, elegant and quiet. It would fit well in any environment. Three available colors are snow white, elegant gray, and champagne gold. Buy now at the nearest Mitsubishi agent and you’ll get a free luxurious embroded towel with each purchase.”



1. a. He’s wearing a rain coat.
b. He’s holding sunglasses in his hand.
c. He’s covering his head with something.
d. He’s using a long scarf around his neck.

2. a. The man is standing behind the desk.
b. There is a lot of stuff on the desk.
c. There are a lot of people in the exhibition.
d. The man is on the stage.

3. a. The man is working with a computer.
b. They are waiting for guests to come.
c. The girls are serving dinner.
d. Some people are going to the café.


4. “Which one do you think will suit me better, the black gown or the red one?”
a. Please sit down and relaxed.
b. The black one looks more elegant.
c. You’d better buy it yourself.

5. “Why don’t you take a public speaking class?”
a. I enjoy public speaking classes.
b. I’m speaking English slowly.
c. That’s a good idea.

6. “You study at school from seven to three everyday, don’t you?”
a. Yes, we study at school everyday.
b. Yes, we spend eight hours a day at school.
c. No, I don’t go to school at seven everyday.

7. “Excuse me I’m looking for a travel agent around here. Do you have any idea where it is?”
a. I’m sorry, I’m a stranger myself.
b. I’m not a travel agent staff.
c. My idea is better than yours.


8. Man : According to the weather report on TV last night, it might rain heavily in our city tomorrow.
Woman : In that case, I should always bring an umbrella.

9. Man : Can’t I smoke here?
Woman : Don’t you see the no-smoking sign on the wall over there?
Man : I’ll go out.

10. Man : I can’t let you go beyond this point without a boarding pass.
Woman : I realize that but I want to say good bye to my daughter. She’s only ten.
Man : I’m sorry, mum but you’ll have to do it here.

11. Man : Congratulation. I heard that you got a scholarship.
Woman : Thank you very much.
Man : I know that you can make it.


Questions 12 to 13 refer to the following instruction.

“Want to make a simple dessert for your party? Try this caramel pudding. You only need to prepare four eggs, 200 cc of milk, 200 grams of sugar, and half tablespoon of vanilla. First of all, you have to melt 100 grams of sugar so it becomes caramelized, and then pour it into a Pyrex disc. Second, mix eggs, milk, and another 100 grams of sugar and also vanilla. Stir them for a while using a fork. At the end, pour the mixture into the Pyrex disc and steam it for about 45 minutes.”

Questions 14 to 15 refer to the following announcement.

“Attention shoppers, someone has just turned in a leather purse. It was found on the floor of the women’s cloth department. If this purse is yours, please come to the customer service counter to claim it.”


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